Thursday, August 30, 2007

Random Blog I Found Interesting

I was made aware of a blog I found rather interesting to browse through today. It is Karl's blog and the author is Karl Moore. According to his web site, Karl is a best-selling author, entrepreneur, and officially one of the world’s top 100 developers. "Developer of what"? you may ask, as I did. I was tempted to say "technology" since he has written books about Visual Basic and other techie code things, but then, as I browse his site, I would say the true answer is "Developer of himself, and others."

He posts inspirational messages to his blog daily in an attempt to inspire and help individuals in their spiritual growth. I like his tone, very real, like I he's just talking to me in my living room. His words feel sincere, like a person exploring the world, not like a master of the universe. Cool. On a Monday, he also posts a "Random Act of Kindness"... and on a Friday, he posts a "Friday Factoid."

You might want to check him out. I think I will for a couple weeks and see what I think.

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