Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lighting My Way

So, this is the lamp that I mentioned in the previous post. I LOVE this lamp.  I believe it is the first thing I bought for the new apartment.

Here's what has followed:

 These wall lamps will eventually be surrounded by enlarged photos I have taken.

The bedroom lamp....Yes, George sits by my bedside.  Kaylen sent him with me to keep me company when I moved out.  

Not sure why this is amusing me tonight, but it is.  You can play along and be amused, too. :)


Caroline said...

I love all your lights. And I know you told me this, but we have the same lamp that is in the bottom pic. I actually have it on my kitchen table and it makes the light a lot softer in the kitchen.

You should give us a tour of your entire place!!

Dakota said...

That would be fun! Maybe I will do that! :) Maybe we BOTH should. That seems fair. My tour will be somewhat smaller...unless I got into the shared garage and laundry room area of the apartment building! :)

Melbourne Lawyers said...

Hi there! I love your wall lamps. Looking forward to seeing photos of your wall (with the enlarged photos installed already). Cheers!