Friday, September 03, 2010

Weekend Before Me

This may be the last really nice day of the summer. I hope not, but it is the last out of the 10-day forecast. It is already 11:00 in the morning....a beautiful day. I have had a nice breakfast, sent out a resume, done an email or two, and now the day is stretched out before me. A four-day weekend for me, it is. Yes!

Bet tonight would be a great night to pull the hot tub cover off, climb into the hot water and gaze up at the stars. Oh, right, no hot tub at the apartment....or the house....guess that was my sister's house....darn!

Maybe tonight will be a venture out downtown and later in the weekend a trip to the beach or drive in the mountains. Not sure. Odd to have a whole three-day weekend where I could have made kid-free plans, but did not. Now, the possibilities are endless. I detect a nap in my future....

Happy Weekend!

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Lynilu said...

I love, love, love unplanned weekends! Nap, explore, see a movie, talk a walk, drive to a new place, try a new food. Or do absolutely zero!