Friday, September 10, 2010

The Waltons on DVD at

OK, tell me the truth, how many of you can now hear The Walton's theme some playing in your head? I think it is an involuntary response for anyone over a certain age...and I am betting that age is close to 44, possibly a bit younger even. As the song plays, you might even be able to see some of the characters in your head - John-Boy, Elizabeth, Ben...and who were those sisters who enjoyed the moonshine? The Baldwin Sisters! (I had to look it up.) Also, who among us has not mimicked the familiar, "Good Night, Jim-Bob," "Good Night, Mary Ellen," "Good Night, John-Boy."?

Reading the description of the 9th and final season makes me want to watch this series again. It highlights a much more simple time, with its own complexities and struggles, but somehow comforting. Maybe it is the family bonds, the clean-cut values, the lack fo computers and cell phones, or maybe it is because I remember it from when I was a child and life was simple and easy.

Here's the description:
When CBS debuted THE WALTONS in 1972, no one was prepared for the level of success it reached. Telling the story of a large family living on Walton's Mountain during the Great Depression, the series tackled universal themes that continue to ring true to this day. The start of World War II plunged the family into new dilemmas as, like the rest of the nation, they watched their children go to war. Told from the perspective of John Boy (Richard Thomas), an aspiring writer who makes his way through college and into adulthood, THE WALTONS is a timeless work of entertainment. This ninth and final season brings the Walton boys back to their homestead, to reunite the former soldiers with their loving family as they discover their own destinies in post-war America.

I always related to John-Boy, feeling that I connected with the writer in him and his strong moral compass. I dreamed of someday being a writer like he was, and the truth is, I sometimes still do.

Each season is now available on DVD on sale for around $20, or so, each. The Waltons just may have to go on my "need to collect" list.

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