Friday, September 17, 2010

A Weekend on My Own

Ah, Friday! I don't want to be the kind of person who always lives for the weekends, but I have to admit, sometimes, that personal time with the freedom to do absolutely anything without answering to anyone sounds like bliss! I enjoy my time with the kids. I enjoy my time with Vicki, when we are fortunate enough to be on the same coast. I also enjoy time with myself. I am still processing a lot, making plans for my future, dealing with kid issues, and more - so having quiet time to think and write and plan is really necessary. I am lucky to have the luxury of that opportunity.

I don't even know exactly what I will do this weekend.Casey has the kids and I know is looking forward to down time with them - not focussed on school or homework. I will do some studying and writing, maybe watch a movie and bake M&Ms cookies, cook a good meal or two (hopefully I won't need to compare diet pills after such an indulgent weekend!) It is interesting living alone again....paying attention to my own wake and sleep cycles, watching the movies I want to watch, reading, noticing my own thoughts without the constant feedback from another person. I do not mean that in any way as a slam to Casey. I think all people who go from living with someone to living alone must experience this...if they allow it in. Some stay too busy to listen to themselves. I like to listen.

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Anonymous said...

Truer words have never been spoken Dakota. When I left that 25 yr. relationship which I basically entered into from my childhood home, Lynn was extremely supportive of me living alone. It gave me time to discover strengths I did not know I possessed as well as the time to investigate myself further. Quiet, alone time can be a very good thing. :-) Diana