Friday, September 10, 2010

School has Started

Well, the new school year has begun. Kelton is doing well, back to the familiar routine for him, happily going off to school and looking forward to seeing his friends. Kaylen is not doing well at all. She is having serious adjustment issues around being away from Casey and being around so many other (not well-behaved) kids, among other factors. I won't go into all the drama, but will say we are getting her some help with the adjustment from the school, and I have no doubt that once she settles in, she will absolutely THRIVE!

I am happy to say that the kids are in nice classrooms, and not in a metal building portable classroom, except for music. Out away from the other classrooms is a great place for music, anyway! I am sure the other teachers appreciate this fact very much!

So, it is my weekend with the kids and I do not know quite what is in store - some rest from the first nearly-full week of school, and a special Grandparents Day at The Spaghetti Factory are all that is planned so far. Casey and I are both staying flexible in case this weekend becomes a total release of the stresses of a new school year and the kids need to be in their main home. Playing this as we go.....


Lynilu said...

Some kids have more trouble with adjusting to new routines than others, and after all she has faced in the last year, I'm not terribly surprised. Poor little girl. I think you're right, though; she will get over the hump and it will fall into place. Enjoy the weekend with her and the rest of the family. :)

Anonymous said...

Hoping for the best for you and the kids. You are right, she will thrive in time and this will all pass. Thinking about all of you and praying for peace for Kaylen.