Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kindergarten Progress

We are making slow but steady progress with Kaylen's transition into Kindergarten. Yesterday she stayed two hours, with Casey out of the room most of that time. She used her new tool of being able to leave class to go sit with one of the secretaries, chew a piece of gum (a sensory integration/calming tool) and return once she felt better. That seemed to give her a bit of a sense of control. Anything that helps!

I just got a text from Casey saying that things are doing well so far today. She's been there about two hours, and we are hoping she can make it the full half-day (Wednesdays are half-days for the whole school due to budget cuts), which means she is half-way there! I am hoping it continues going well. The more consecutive days of success she has, the better, and the less "new" it will all feel. I really think once she is comfortable and knows what to expect everyday, most of her issues will go away for now. She will likely have trouble with transitions and sensory overload for years, but giving her tools now for how to cope with life is really important.

Kelton is doing well. When I talked to him this morning, he had four shirts on. He was amused that they made him look "chubby." As we have told Kaylen about the boys in her class that are bothering her, "Boys are weird." :)

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