Friday, September 03, 2010

That Time of Year

Ah,the plight of an attorney with no law firm experience. I graduated. I passed the bar. I stayed in my old job, partly due to the nice salary and partly because of all the personal life changes, but now....I still have not added to my legal experience. People look at my resume and because of the kinds of places I have worked, think I should be looking at health care jobs, or those related to health care. Nothing against health care, but it is not my thing....not as far as actual care, or the legal realm. No interest for me, really.

Fall is here though. A new school year. Funny how we always maintain that sense of a fresh start that we experienced as children with each new year of school. The time for playing and settling into a new apartment and new life is over. Time to get serious. I will soon find, at the very least, some good volunteer work - a way to enhance my skills and my personal growth. Good things are out there, among the fresh notebooks and new crayons. I can feel it.

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Lynilu said...

Dakota, I was wondering .... have you considered volunteering your services somewhere? Paid experience is better, of course, but a volunteer position in law is better than nothing.

I hear you about health care law, but perhaps a foot in the door? I was just thinking, though, that if the open window in your resume gets too wide, it might be a bigger detriment than a starter job. I donno. It must be really frustrating. I can't imagine having to deal with the job market as it is today. I hope you find your place soon. Good luck!