Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Opposite Sides of the Same Coin

I know many of you reading this now also read Casey's blog. I think it is nice that you are interested in both of our lives, and that of our children. I am sure you have noticed the stark contrast of the tone of our posts, and I thought I would address it before snarky comments start getting posted on one of the other of our sites.

Some of you are probably sitting dumb-founded that this even might happen. It does. Casey has a rough weekend - I have a wonderful weekend - I become the carefree, irresponsible parent who does not act in anyone's best interest but my own. Odd, right?

I will state the obvious: We are two very different people and our blogs have always reflected that. While I tend to keep my posts a bit more light-hearted, Casey reveals what is going on at a very personal level. I admire her courage in doing that, and know it has sometimes resulted in painful personal attacks.

We approach our blogs differently, and we approach life differently. Rest-assured, those of you who may think I am dancing through a field of flowers oblivious to my daughter's current stress and Casey's anxiety over it all, I am in tune with what is going on and am not dilly dallying the day away wondering about how to get rid of blackheads. Sometimes it is difficult being the parent who is not always with the kids and able to offer a hug or words of wisdom when needed. Sometimes, all I can do is call or text, and wait until the next day when I get to see them. Sometimes, that very thing does make my life easier, but sometimes, it makes it harder. That is not a complaint, just a statement.


Lynilu said...

It is a ticklish situation, for sure. Until I hear something really obvious, I'm not thinking either of you is "wrong. If I hear something like .... you refused to come stay with a sick child what C goes for medication AND refuse to go for the medication "because child support is supposed to cover that stuff," (Yep, I encountered that!) I won't assume you're in a field of daisies weaving daisy chains.

Everyone out here needs to remember that we know only what you or C say, and it is never, never the full truth. Only you two know that.

I believe you are both doing the best you can with the circumstances. It's just a tough job, being a parent, and especially being divorced. I sincerely with you both the best.

Mimi said...

You know you do what you do and NOBODY has the right to say anything.....again I am an outsider looking in and I think you BOTH have handled this very good.....I just think Casey is very lucky to be able to handle this the way she has....I on the other hand would of had to just leave my child because I had to go to work....so hopefully you both can work this out.....