Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Weekend Report

It was a good weekend, filled with reading, romantic comedies and homemade M&M cookies. I was on my own and I wandered the streets of my new neighborhood, took the Max train to Powell Books, and later accidentally found a new way around the city :) I did pay for my indulgences with a wicked headache that I could not get rid of yesterday. That called for more laying around and watching romantic comedies - Twilight - New Moon (maybe not a comedy....but nearly), Sleepless in Seattle and Letters to Juliet.

Today I awoke feeling renewed and refreshed despite waking up several times during the night....but about lunch time, tiredness crept in and now I think I need some under eye cream so I don't look like one of the Twilight characters. The sun is calling, and I think I need to pay attention before it is gone for the year. A little after-lunch walk would be good!

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