Thursday, September 02, 2010

First Day a Success!

Both kids had great first days at school! Kaylen bragged to me over the phone last night that she got to eat gingerbread cookies. Casey explained that the gingerbread men were hiding throughout the school and the Kindergarteners had to find them....then decorate and eat them! Kelton was happy to report he did not have to do any real work, and that he made 5 or 6 new friends. He is back at school today, but Kaylen is off now until next Tuesday.

A bit of nostalgia:

The last photo is one of my all-time favorites. We called it "Rock Eater."


Lynilu said...

Good gracious, she has grown!! I'm tellin' ya, my "baby" is 40, but those pictures of Kaylen make me think I've imagined her growing up! She is still a baby like yours!

I'm glad they had good days. Isn't it wonderful to watch their eagerness, live through their eyes?

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