Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Seeing the Light(ing) at Buy.com

I had not realized until the last couple years that I am particular about lights.....by lights, I actually mean lamps. A ceiling light, I generally might not even notice, unless it is an obnoxious flourescent light.  I like certain lamps and bedside lights I am particularly sensitive to. I want them to be bright enough to read by, but not much more than that.  Calm lighting in the bedroom is important. A bit before I moved out of the house, I (finally) installed some really cool reading lights above the bed. It was nice to have lights that installed on the wall and did not take up bedside table space.

In my new apartment, it has been fun choosing all of the lamps.  We have a living room table lamp that is a tall rectangular shape, and appears to be a box made of sticks. I love that lamp!  We have used that shape as the theme for all the lighting in the apartment.  (Who knew you could design a home around one accessory?  Probably Martha Stewart......and my girlfriend......sorry, if you don't appreciate the comparison, Vicki!)

Tonight I saw this light and really like it:

 Here is the cool part - it is wireless!  "Wireless?" I thought upon reading it. That would be great!  I was hoping for an ingenius power source, but it is simply powered by three AA batteries.  I suppose if you used rechargeables, that might work out just fine.  You can mount it upwards or downwards, and it swivels for interesting lighting possibilities.   The lights themselves are 9 bright LEDs....great for living rooms or hallways. I think it would be too bright for a bedroom, although it does have a dimming feature, so maybe it would be good for that, too.

I really like the clean, chrome look.  Modern, functional, and no wires!  I hate wires, and in an older apartment, with not quite enough power outlets, wireless is a huge plus!  This lamp is on sale for under $30, including shippping, at Buy.com.  I may have seriously consider adding this to my lighting collection.

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Lynilu said...

I'll be interested in seeing how efficient the light is. I agree with you on the reading without glare. I question whether the light beam will be sufficient for reading. I donno. Now, as to the looks, I agree, it is very cool looking. If you get it, please post about it.