Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Someone mentioned to me something about the fact I had been drinking my way around the city. That not having been the case, I was confused, but realized it was the way I worded my post about last weekend. I was out and about having a fun time and did have a headache the next day, which I indicated was a payback for my indulgences. I simply meant sort of a karmic payback for the free-wheeling, spontaneous time I was spending. No alcohol involved. It was primarily a sinus headache.

Today I was awakened by a phone call from my crying Kindergartner. She wanted me to come and see her before school. We negotiated that I would meet her at school, give her a giant hug for bravery, but then neither Casey nor I would stay in her classroom this morning. She agreed. Drop-off at her classroom went well. Our fingers are crossed. Casey and I spent a bit of time after that talking with the school counselor about Kaylen's transition and the plan for this week and into next. It is sad that this is so hard for her, but I know we will get there. She's such a bright, social, fun-loving girl and school will be so much fun for her once we get her past this separation part.

Been following me on FB? If so, you know I have confessed to watching the first two Twilight movies. The first was better than the second, and I have heard the third is quite good, and humorous, finally understanding the need to poke some fun at itself. I have to admit a certain fascination with the overall storyline and world that author, Stephanie Meyer, has created. The teen angst is somewhat overdone, but I suppose that is, by definition, what teen angst is about. There is some wonderfully creative, sensitive, well-considered storytelling at work here. I have to admit that after hearing radio interviews of some of the middle-aged soccer moms clamouring to witness local filming of the movies, I was skeptical of the value of the movies or the books. I should not have been so quick to judge. I still do not know that I will read the many books, so little time...but I now admire what the author created.

Happy Wednesday!

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