Friday, October 01, 2010

The School Report

Kaylen is doing great!

I am very pleased to say there have been no tears since Tuesday morning drop off at Kindergarten!  Casey has only been there for lunch and recess and yesterday Kaylen refused to leave school early when Casey came to pick her up! Casey was very sick yesterday, so I did lunch duty, but Casey still picked up the kids after school. She was there picking up some PTO things and was done a bit early, so was going to take the kids out of school just a few minutes early. Kaylen was having no part of it. She got called out of class, went to the office where Casey and Kelton were waiting, said she was not going to leave early because she loves school, and walked back to her class!  YES!!!!!  (Casey will probably have a better account of this than mine - so stay posted for her blog updates.)

What a big day for her - and for us all!  Let's hope the trend continues!

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Lynilu said...

Great news!!