Sunday, October 10, 2010

Is there a Buy.Com near Atlantic City?

This is a serious question. It is serious because, if you follow my Facebook page, or maybe I have blogged about it, you know I have been in Washington DC, Virginia, and am now in Atlantic City. I have taken up enough pictures to already have only 41 left on my SD card in my camera. I often have a backup but for some reason, I did not pack one this time. Oh - I know - it is because my backup is now storing pictures in my dresser drawer. It is my backup system. :)  I think I only have a 2GB, or maybe a 4GB card with me, but I need another. I am NOT done taking pictures!  Atlantic City along the Boardwalk at night is absolutely breathtaking - not in a "look at the gazillion stars overhead" kind of way, but in the "lights and sounds and energy" kind of way. So much to look at!  

If there was a near by I could pick up a great 16 GB SD card for under $30. Yes, it is on about a half-price sale, so how great would that be?  The brand is SanDisk, which I have purchased before, and as I recall it is because of  good reviews and decent pricing. Sales rock!  So, although if I see a SanDisk at a great price at the mall out on the pier...uh..."The Pier Shops at Caesar's"...I might pick one up, I did find a solution.  This is where I plug the Samsung netbook again....downloaded all my pictures to Vicki's netbook (the one she got after finding out mine was so awesome) and now I am ready for another fun day of picture-taking!

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