Friday, October 01, 2010

So, dealing with Kaylen's school transition has been a bigger deal than Casey or I ever expected. Casey has taken on the bulk of the work and I am so happy she was available to do it.  In between me working part-time, both of us job hunting, hoping to stay away from needing payday advance loans, and keeping up with all the normal parts of life, it is tough to fit in the unexpected sometimes.  We are fortunate this worked out.

Speaking of unexpected, yesterday since Casey was sick, I met Kaylen for lunch and recess and Kelton for his recess.  I was so happy to be able to do that. It was fun meeting Kaylen's friends and seeing her happy with them, and really nice to hang out with my boy, who took me all around his campus, showing me what he does with his days. It meant splitting up my work day, and a lot of back and forth driving, since last night was also my night with them, but it was so worth it. I told them I would do it again sometime. I think it is important that they know I am interested in their days and will take the time to do things like this with them.  I should have visited Kelton at school last year.  This year, I will visit them both, at least a couple times.  I could see it made all of our days!


Casey said...

It definitely made their day - they loved having you there with them. Thanks for stepping in and filling my shoes yesterday. You rock!

(Ps...the lunch bunch and I had quite the conversation about why Kaylen has two moms. They all thought it was sooooo cool. One of them wants 10 moms because "Moms are the best!" :)

Dakota said...

10 moms! That is funny!

Thank you!

Lynilu said...

That sounds fun. I'm glad you could be there, and I'm sure Casey was, too, as she said. I loved visiting my kids and then grandkids in their spaces. :)

Caroline said...

Sounds like it was a great day!!! I am sure today was a day they will be talking about when they are grown.