Tuesday, October 12, 2010

You Can Get Shoes at Buy.com. Who Knew?

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I know it is the end of the summer....oh, who am I fooling? The beginning, or so, of fall, and what I am about to write about seems summery, but I wanted to say that I LOVE my Keens. The model pictured is called the Whisper, and I think it is the model I have, though that name does not sound familiar.  There are several styles and I did try the two different ones that my local REI had available at the time - one I did not like because my toe stuck out in an annoying manner, but these, ah, these were a great fit!  They have a rubber sole so you can get them wet and they dry quickly, and the straps are a washable polyester fabric, so toss the shoes right in the washing machine, and they come out looking brand new, even after spending a weekend soaked in mud.

In my area, it seems like Teva is the brand of water shoe we hear most about, but Vicki's friend told her Keens are way better. She tried them, and is a convert, and now, so am I.  I wear these on the airplane to keep my feet cool and unrestricted....and I think I put on at least 5 miles between DC, Atlantic City and Philadelphia over the past five days.  Wow....now that I think about it.....MORE than 5 miles.....probably double that.  They are very comfy to walk in, and have easily adjustable straps - so if you start to feel a bit uncomfortable - it is easy to tighten or loosen, as needed. Both Vicki and I ended up with a small blister during the first outing from not having the straps quite tight enough, but that was quickly remedied.

Though in Portland, it is going to be hard to find these shoes until the weather warms up a bit, I imagine they are still on sale in various parts of the country, and online.  I will probably still use mine this fall, until it gets too cold, and pull them out at the first signs of spring next year!


EH said...

There's a Keen store in the Pearl, in the same block as Daily Cafe - between NW 13th & Lovejoy and NW 13th & Kearney. It's their only retail location, but I know I've seen Keens at REI and various shoe places in the mall.

Lynilu said...

Well, I hope you know what you're talking about, 'cause I've been looking for some good shoes for my trip for walking on solid surfaces and the beach, too. I read this earlier, did some research, reread your assessment .... and ordered a pair.

If they don't work out, I will blame you. ;D

Dakota said...

Lynilu -
Let me know what you think! I truly do love mine, as does Vicki. I have lived in them since purchasing about the middle of summer.

Great on the beach, or in the water - either for walking, or just slipping on and off easily. Wash up easily, too.

By the way, if you end up with a bit of a seam or thread poking you, I found out you can hammer it out. At REI they have sort of a rounded metal hammer they use. Fixed mine up as I was trying on and worked like a charm!

Lynilu said...

I will! I'm eager to get them and give them a workout or a break-in before I leave.

BTW, let me impress you with my smarts, here! LOL! The hammer you mention is called a "ball-peen hammer." "Ball" for the shape of the "peen" or the head of the hammer. [Thanks, Dad, for your lessons]. I have one here, and if I need it, I appreciate your advice!

Dakota said...

Ah, yes. I had forgotten the name of that hammer, but once knew it! My mind seems to be overwhelmed with the 170 work emails I returned to! Ugh....