Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Do Men Pay Less?

Have you ever paid attention to the real differences in men's and women's products?  Sure, marketing is different to appeal to the stereotypical differences, but have you looked at the real differences?  Often, it is simply a matter of a different color label or scent.  I have noticed a new  trend in mens vitamins and have not investigated if the content is any different, or if it is just marketing.  This weekend I was struck by the actual product and price difference in men's and women's jackets.  Vicki needed a good jacket for the cooler weather and rain that has begun here in Portland.  Unlike me, she is willing to shop in the women's department for that sort of thing.  I have learned I usually will not like the colors or cuts offered to women, so other than for certain items, I tend to shop in the men's departments.  Since she was open to either option, we looked at both the women's and men's jackets and found that even for the same brand, and same basic style, the women's jackets were about twice the price, and did not appear to be as well-made.  I know not all women can, or would want to shop for themselves in the men's departments, but for some things, it may be worth investigating. I don't know if "they" just know women are typically more interested in style and shopping and will pay more for the same product, or if the cleaner lines of men's clothing makes them less expensive to manufacture (doubt it), but there is something unfair going on and women are paying the price.

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