Friday, October 15, 2010

Need more outlets

There are not enough outlets in the apartment. Or maybe there are just too many electrical things requiring a socket.  We've already purchased adapters that make one plug into three...but still....we are sadly lacking.  On one wall there are two wall-mounted lamps that plug in. There goes that outlet.  Still, in that same general area there is a tabletop fountain, a night light, a fan, and a radio with an odd rectangular-shaped antenna.  Clearly, too much there.  On the wall where the flat screen TV lives, there is the TV itself, the DVR, a DVD player and the Wii station.  Doing the math?  Too many!  There was something else that we considered putting over there, but realized the outlet situation made it impractical.  It is that way pretty much all over the apartment. Guess how many outlets in the kitchen. One. That's right. One. The toaster, the blender, the microwave, the coffee pot.....oops, too many! Added the one-to-three adapter, and we just get by, but when the mixer comes out..something has to go.  

Ironically, the little cabin the kids and I stayed in a few weeks back....the one without any kitchen or had an outlet about every 6 feet.  Very convenient!  *shaking my head*  Oh, well!


EH said...

Try a power strip for the TV & components - it's best to have a decent surge protector for them, anyway. Or my favorite, the "squid."

Lynilu said...

Apartment builders do that on purpose to avoid, ahem, idiots overloading the circuits and blowing them! But power strips with surge protectors work great. The squid would be excellent as it affords flexibility. Several years ago I invested in a couple sets of something which, of course, I can't remember the name of. They are like very short, abt. 1' long, extension cords that you can plug into a power strip and run cords in various directions as needed. Look at this: I think I've seen these at Home Depot or Lowe's. I ordered mine from somewhere like Hammacher Schlemmer, because they weren't available in stores yet. They are still in use all over my house.