Saturday, October 23, 2010

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The Christmas season is rapidly approaching. I cannot believe it is almost time to start shopping again already.  Kind of stressful this year, with only having a half-time job, but there has been a bit saved up here and there.  I know Casey and I both are trying to get gift ideas out of the kids.  The problem is that they can easily change their minds and interests pretty much overnight at this age. Buy something now in October and by the end of December, they might not have any interest in it.

Kelton is really into gift cards.  I do not like getting him ones as main presents, but don't mind if other people do. He is really good about spending them wisely on things he knows he will like or use.  I also would prefer to buy people tangible gifts, if I know them well enough to select something they would like, but will opt for gift cards now and then.  This is a gift card I had not thought of before - Regal Cinemas. Seems like Regal runs all of our theaters out here, and with movies being so expensive, who wouldn't enjoy receiving a gift card?

I like getting gift cards for things like movies or restaurants because it means an actual event - I can look forward to a night out. I usually save it for sometime when I really cannot afford to splurge on fun - and then I get to by using the gift card!  So, for me, a gift card is a nice surprise at the time I receive it, then I can anticipate the fun, and then it is fun to actually use. All around - good return for the money and they can be found on  sale almost everywhere.

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RMcIntyre said...

Last year I had a problem shopping for my grandchildren - ages 8 - 15 and total of 6 of them. 3 in one family and 3 in another. I think they got tired of gift cards from The Gap, American Eagle. Aeropostale. etc. I discovered I could buy at one of our banks (Royal Bank of Canada) a VISA gift card....good at any business that accepted Visa. This way they could spend as much as they wanted and wherever they wanted. There was a 4.25 activation fee and I put 100.00 on each card. You have no idea the excitement when they opened it.......YAYYYYYYYY Gramma gave us a Visa Card. The parents loved the idea and they had 6 months to use it before it started decreasing in value. They are looking forward to it this year too. I knpw they are available in sone states because we received one for attending a time-share seminar, and it was Visa. Just an idea for future years...I realize yours might be too young for this right now. BTW I'm a lurker, not as blogger...enjoy your blog though.