Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bally's Wins Casino Theme Contest

Atlantic City - the Boardwalk at night is awesome!  Being a West Coaster, I knew little about Atlantic City and had not given any thought to the fact that there might be themed casinos. This meant that all the casinos were a delightful surprise!  From the Tropicana's tropical theme, to Caesar's Greek theme - it was all close to spectacular.  Vicki and I both agree that the winner for sheer immersive experience and creativity goes to Bally's Wild West.  Here is a picture of the front facade....made to look like hotels and buildings of the old west. Inside the theme is continued with murals on all the walls of canyons, trees and valleys, facades of more western-style buildings, coal cars running along train tracks, various cactus, waterfalls, and even restrooms outfitted to look as if you are in an elegant saloon. It is sort of a seedy Disneyland Frontierland for adults, and though the slot machines beg for attention, just wandering around looking at the detailed artwork is an event in itself.

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