Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What's a blogger to do?
Blog more! I've mentioned this before, but isn't the blogging phenomenon amazing? Millions of us are pouring private and not-so-private information out there into the blogosphere, waiting to be read by anyone who happens by, and anyone we've actually encouraged to read our ramblings. Many, many, many of us now have virtual friends, known only through their blogs, that we check in on daily, or at the very least, weekly.

Lots of companies have caught onto this wild wave and are paying us crazy bloggers to blog even more, and they help us out by providing a topic and a little incentive cash. Cool deal, yes? One of the companies I have signed up with is PayPerPost. I am excited to have been accepted by them, since if you research the topic of getting paid to blog, you will see they are considered the most reliable "pay you to blog" companies and the one with whom people are really making some money.

Now, as I have also mentioned, I won't write about a topic I have no interest in, or promote a product I think is trash. I feel like I owe people who spend their free time reading my blog the decency of being honest. Anyone can write pretty much anything on any topic, but I believe that word of mouth ethics, being honest about what I am passing along, is important. So far PayPerPost seems like a straight-shooting company, asking for honest reviews, and I've read only good things about their reputation and payment policies. So, I am excited to give them a try! Wife and I have already bought a new camera with blogging dollars and I would love to save up for a Disneyland vacation! Keep reading, and I'll keep writing!

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patti_cake said...

Well you just keep writing and i'll keep reading! :)