Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New Shoes
Ever since she was, I don't know, 16 months old, Baby Girl has loved her Crocs. OK, they are cheaper knock-off shoes, but they look the same. She is comfortable in them, and gets them on the correct feet, and they are cute, so we have indulged her. She occasionally puts on a pair of "princess" shoes (party dress shoes), or cute sandals, but the ones she really wears are her Crocs. She has assorted colors. This weekend, she actually picked out a non-Croc pair of shoes to buy. We were at the Bass outlet store, she saw some shoes, and had to have them. She tried on two different colors and was in love with the brown ones with pink trim....they look a bit like a bowling shoe to me. I am sure they have a fancy name that I just don't know. Anyone who knows me knows I know nothing about fashion. We bought them since it is the first time in MONTHS that she's been interested in anything other than Crocs. Wow - next thing you know she will be picking out hiking books, Air Jordan high tops, or high heels. I will draw the line at high heels on my two-year old.


patti_cake said...

My Maddie loves her crocs too.
Are they Skechers by any chance? (yep i'm a fashion bug as the hub calls me) LOL

Casey said...

Patti-Cake: Nope. We aren't that fancy around here. :) They are Payless Shoe Source and WalMart. Croc-knocks, as we call them. :)

(sorry to butt in D. I just couldn't help myself. My fingers are *very* chatty today. :) )