Friday, July 13, 2007

Well, generally I prefer to plan and dream and work on the vacation experience for a while so I can savor the experience. This week though, I am just ready to escape to the beach, and my family is so on board they were willing to leave early without me! We leave Sunday for Rockaway Beach on the Oregon Coast. It it near Tillamook, as in the cheese. If you have never been on their factory tour, you have missed possibly one of the most boring and disappointing tours of all time. It could be so good. It is not. Anyway, we are staying at a place someone recommended to my wife. Their prices were more reasonable than many and, they had oceanfront rooms left! No point in going to the beach if you can't see the ocean from your room is my philosophy. Wife's best friend will be there during the same time - totally a coincidence - so how great is that?

So, I expect to be out of communication until next Thursday, unless this place has unadvertised wireless access. I'll be wishing you all a safe and relaxing weekend.

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