Monday, July 23, 2007

Need a Part-Time Truck
Well, what I really mean is that we need a truck occassionally, but hey, a car that could be a truck sometimes seems like a good idea, too! We have an SUV and a Scion xA. Love them both. With all the rain we get, and all the stuff we often haul with us (stroller, toys, laptop computer, diapers...etc.) having an open-bed truck makes very little sense. Sometimes though, you just need to haul stuff. A nice pick-up with a truck bed liner would be ideal for taking things to the dump, bringing lumber and sand and a barbecue home from Home Depot, taking the lawn mower in for service, picking up great deals at garage sales..etc. I have a friend who has a neighborhood truck that about 3 or so friends went in on so they can all have use of it whenever. Seems like a good idea to me! I thought Flexcar might resolve the problem, but ends up the closest pickup for use is about 20 miles away. Hardly convenient. Well, fortuantely, you can get a heckuva lot more in the back of a Suzuki XL-7 than one at first suspects!

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patti_cake said...

I have a car and hub has a full size pick up truck so I feel you on this. He used to have a small isuzu, I said "never again". You can't do much with them. Good thing you can get more in the SUV than one would think!