Friday, July 20, 2007

Cute T-Shirt:
I saw this recently on a toddler-sized T-shirt -
Warning: I do all my own stunts

That is SO both of our children! Daredevils through and through, without the age and widsom to make them fear anything. Ugh! Our couches have become trampolines, climbing structures and cliffs which to dive off of without use of parachute or bungee cord. They also double as tents and forts. We allow this, with some safety limitations - both for the kids' sakes and that of the structural integrity of the furniture. I think we need some very attractive, but industrial grade home furniture that could handle what our kids can dish out!

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Patti_Cake said...

I think I agree. My kid totally thinks my brand new sleigh bed is her very own personal trampline! Kids are kids though and i'm glad we have enough sense to let them have some fun as well. I know too many "helicopter" Mom's who won't let their poor child get a pinky dirty or jump off of a single step!