Thursday, July 19, 2007

Back from the Beach!
We are back from a great trip to the Oregon Coast! We went to a beach we'd never been to, Rockaway Beach, and had better beach access than ever before. The beach was just down a short path from the hotel. Now, I know a lot of places say "short path to the beach" and they are not short. This was MAYBE a 20 foot easy path, not steep, not rocky...and the water was right there.....not another 100 yard hike. So perfect! Our room was oceanfront - with a private deck - a separate bedroom (2 queen beds total) for getting the kids down early - a kitchen area and was very good sized. I could handle it being a bit cleaner, with linens and pillows that felt less "used" (skin crawling now, right?), but the view sure made up for the few shortcomings. We had an unbelievable sunset the first night. There was clearly a bear in the clouds. :) See pictures at Wife's blog. There are likley to be lots of beach stories and photos on her blog for the next several days. We took a TON of photos, especially since we have a new camera to experiment with - fun!

Anyway, great weather and lots of splashing around and digging in the sand with the kids. Just what we both needed!


patti_cake said...

Oh yes my skin was crawling and only because i've had that experience more than once at Myrtle Beach! Still glad y'all had a wonderful vacation. You so needed (and deserved) it!
P.S. I love the pic Casey took with you waving!

Lynilu said...

I'm glad you are back and had a good time. Isn't it just amazing how a short break from the schedule can refresh? :)