Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Indoor plants and other stuff I don't have time for -
Plants make a home really nice - pretty, green, doing the whole carbon dioxide-to-oxygen thing, adding a touch of nature, alive...well, maybe not that part. Seems like since having kids all of our plants have..uh....gone away. We still have three that are barely hanging in there. A couple fell victim to curious baby hands, some just didn't get enough water/food/attention, and truthfully, our current house is not well set up for plants. The sunny locations are in front of windows that do not have room near them for plants. My plant at work does pretty well. It sits in front of my window and I always remember to water it because it is part of my morning routine as I ease into work without doing any real work. Home - not so much the same.

Do you think anyone has come up with silk trees that purify our air, yet? The fake ones - those we could maintain - as long as they don't need dusting or other cleaning. On the other hand, with all the animals, and the kids, one never really knows what will take a beating in our home and what will be ignored. Ah, it is a new adventure everyday!

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