Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Kids and sleeping
Those things need to go better together than they do around our house.

Some families have kids that sleep through the night practically from birth. Not ours. Our five-year-old still wakes up in the middle of the night. That part is actually good, because it is usually to go to the bathroom, and then, more often than not, crawls in bed with me. By that time, Wife has gone into Baby's room because she is awake and wanting to nurse, which if she had her choice, she'd do all night long. I have had conversations with Baby Girl about this behavior. The conversations are about how big girls do not need to nurse at night and they need their sleep, and so do mommies. She usually compromises at babies need to nurse "little tiny bit." Good thing she is adorable!

Funny the way kids sleep all over the bed, first one direction then another. We, as parents, tend to make their sheets and covers all nice and neat around them, tucking them in so they appear neat and cozy. Then, soon, the covers are thrown off and the child is diagonal across the bed, sleeping all over the stuffed animals and blankets in a way that does not look comfy at all. We spend time and money on color-coordinated, nice fitting kids bedding, but sometimes I think they'd be just as happy with a pile of pillows and assorted baby blankets thrown in the corner. That is about what they've been taking into their tent in the backyard these days, and I must say, it is quite comfy! A couple days ago, I laid in their tent with them on this pile of comfy stuff, and we watched the clouds go by. It was very peaceful.

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