Friday, July 27, 2007

Random Friday
No, this is not yet a regular feature....but maybe it will be. I do get a lot of random thoughts passing through my mind and there is no good reason I should not undburden myself, I mean SHARE MY THOUGHTS, with you.

I'm at work now, and am the only person here. I've been here for an hour. This is not a particularly interesting observation yet, but stay with me. Does it ever occur to others in situations like this that you could crank your music and have it blasting throughout the office? Again, maybe not so interesting for those working in a small office. I work at a major university in a decent-sized building, so the thought of blasting some Melissa Etheridge throughout the Administration wing/Dean's office area kind of amuses me. (I'm really easily amused.)

I did not realize until quite recently that not all coffee pots brew coffee at the same temperature. At one end of the hall, thre is a coffee pot from which I can easily drink coffee just moments after it is brewed, but at the other end, it is damn hot immediately after being brewed. Painful lesson. (Yes, I realize I should not drink directly from the pot.)

Shout out to Nikk who is at the end of her first week at a rockin' new job! Hope it was a great week! Check your email.

Hey - someone else is here. I am no longer alone. That's what the voices keep telling me, anyway.

Did the US President really sign an executive order this week that essentially strips all meaning from our Constitution, renders our justice system meaningless, and spits in the face of the ideals upon which our country was founded? Check out the story here. Why do we have to get news of what is going on in our country from other countries?

Well, where can I go from there? I'll just leave you all to ponder.


Casey said...

Haven't you learned anything in the 13 plus years we've been together? Do. Not. Drink. Directly. From. The. Coffee. Pot.



Lynilu said...

About our President ... Uh, YEAH! Are you just learning how insidious he can be? Girl, ya gotta keep those ears turned on, even with ME so loud she's shakin' the walls!!

Lynilu said...

Dakota, I nominated you for an award. Stop by my blog to check it out, please! :)

nikk said...

Thanks for thinking of me. =) Things are good - but dang - these crazy people get to work at 5:30-6:00... and that's AFTER the hour commute. They're INSANE!

Rick said...

don't try suing the coffee pot makers. we read about that case in product liability luck for the plaintiffs...

patti_cake said...

I love being alone at work but it's a rare, rare occurence here at Crying Cow Bank.
LMAO at drinking from the pot. You nut!