Thursday, July 19, 2007

Kids and Balls
What is it about balls that attracts kids like flowers attract bees? As you may have read in my wife's blog, we like to shop while on vacation. We love looking at the local art, nicknacks, T-shirts - anything that we can't easily pick up at home. (Of course, it's not easy to browse with children, but we keep the dream alive - always believing it will be easier than it is.) We tell the kids we will not buy them the things we could easily get at home. Fortunately, tourist traps often carry an assortment of cook kid stuff in addition to adult things. You've probably never seen polished rocks for sale by the velvet pouch-full at the local Walmart! That's great stash when you are a kid...and I kind of like them, too. *grin*

While on vacation, we did end up at Fred Meyer to pick up a few grocery items and some sunscreen. We went to look at toys, which of course, are the same as back home. It never fails, one of the many items that attracted the Boy's attention was the ball aisle - golf balls, baseballs, softballs, footballs, and his favorite, this time, ping-pong balls.

"No, honey, we already have enough balls at home."

He settled on a Transformer to add to his current collection of three.

Baby Girl got a small Care Bear.

Well, at least they couldn't easily bounce them against the walls of the hotel!

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patti_cake said...

When we stayed at Surfside Beach, Maddie HAD to have a spiky ball. Fortunately this is now our "house" ball and I have to admit I share Kelton's fascination with balls too. Love em'!