Monday, July 02, 2007

The purpose of life
Wow. That is a heavy topic start a Monday morning with, and me, without even having had a cup of coffee! What am I thinking? I heard something on the radio this morning, I don't even remember what, but it was about how we think about people. What do people think of us, how have we affected people, what will people remember about us when we are gone?

I used to think it was important to make a BIG mark in the world. Part of me still thinks that, but ultimately, does that even really matter? Sure - if you invented electricity or indoor plumbing, OK, that was really important for the world, but most of the big marks get erased before long and what is left? I came to the conclusion that we are here to have fun and make others happy.

How's that? Life is about having fun. Sure, it would be nice to be a great _____ "fill in the blank," to be rich, to have a luxury home, a vacation house on the beach, money to spoil your family and friends, and even to support lots of good causes, but is that what life is about? That could be part of it, but if you aren't having fun, laughing with people, loving your family and friends, what is the point? Hanging out on the luxury yacht alone won't be much fun. Telling your cat about your big win won't be particularly rewarding. Big success and financial gain is great, but hanging out in your backyard with a bottle or two of wine, your wife and a few good friends has more meaningful rewards.

So - message for the day - relax and have fun!

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Mieke said...

I think about this all the time. If I don't discover a cure for a deadly disease, rule the free world, or do something else that will impact the earth what's the point.

You're right of course. Laughter and love are what matter but sometimes the journey is fucking rough and hard to slog through -leaving me with a "what's it all about" feeling.

Thankfully two smiling faces are there to remind me whenever I get too blue and freaked, but I share your thoughts.