Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Venting - A Stupid Situation

I have been accused of being too logical in work situations. I want things to work in a straightforward, predictable manner, guided by some semblance of logic. Many work environments do not work that way.  Fine.  Now - I find myself up against someone else's lack of logic in their work situation, but it is affecting my personal life. 

In whose world does it make sense to send a refund of a cleaning deposit to the address that was just vacated? Apparently, my past landlord's.

"It's the only address we had for you."

Uh...for the past 6 months, we have only communicated via phone and email. Do you think you could have contacted me to ask for my new address? Oh, by the way, I did contact you about 10 days ago with my new address. How was I do guess you would issue the refund before the end of the last month I paid for?

It has been two weeks. It has not been forwarded by the Post Office to me, or back to the landlord. They do not want to put a stop on the original check and reissue me a new one yet.  Did I mention that the past apartment had a fairly high crime rate? 

OK, well, thank you very much for the documentation proving when you mailed the check, that you knew I was no longer living there, and refusing to reissue the new check at this time. 

Some of this I did not say. I am trying to be polite and not tell this guy he is an idiot.  I am thinking it, though. I think the right thing to do is to admit he (or his office staff) screwed up and that he now remedy the situation by reissuing a check to my correct (read: current) address.

OK, I feel better now.

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Lynilu said...

Well, now.

That's a good way to prolong the check clearing the bank. Can we say "floating money"? I'll bet he got the idea from an episode of People's Court (or was it Judge Jeanine?) that I watched one day when I was feeling icky and didn't have the energy to push a button to change the channel. That exact scenario!

Good luck. Aren't you glad you're outta there?