Monday, February 28, 2011

Tough to Date

Dating is tough.

I think that is even more true the older you get. It is much easier to meet people when you are in college, or just starting a new job, or maybe are involved in lots of activities - but the older you are, the more it seems that people your own age are already in relationships. With today's technology, we can use dating sites, which can be quite successful, but not without risk.

I know - dating may be an odd topic for me to write about, but it came about like this. I was talking with a friend about how Vicki and I got together, and how when we first met (well, met again after 25 years....we had been friends in high school) I was not going to get into a relationship with anyone, especially not someone who lived 3000 miles away.  I was certain I would be single for a long time as I built up my life and my career, raised my kids as a divorced parent, figured out who I was....etc.  We started emailing each other and texting - but I had not even spoken to Vicki on the phone when I picked her up at the airport the first time.  That somehow seemed like too much involvement or commitment. We were both adamant that this was a "just friends" thing.  That lasted all of about....uh.....most of the weekend?  We got emotionally involved fast.

Yup, dating is hard. Lesbians are very bad at it.

What does a lesbian bring on a second date?

A U-Haul.

I will say, we have not U-Hauled each other. In fact, it probably won't be until summer that I see Vicki's stuff arriving via any kind of truck.  Hey - maybe we set some kind of record in the lesbian world!

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Lynilu said...

Chuckle! I'm recalling a conversation you and I had a while back about this.

I'm glad you're having a good relationship, fast and/or slow! Rushing a relationship just doesn't make sense to me. The healing time of a broken relationship isn't worth it, IMO. But then, when the heart goes thumpity-thump-thump, no one is thinking about caution, anyway! Whatever!! Just be happy!