Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Quiet House

It is Saturday night, not quite 10:00. The kids are asleep. I hear Kelton's still-stuffy breathing although I am downstairs and he is upstairs. The house is quiet. Ah...peace.  I do hear Kelton's rock tumbler grinding away in the basement. It is a distant sound though, and not particularly bothersome. It is so nice not to hear traffic right outside my window.  Life is good.

I figure I will take a bit of time to write some blogs, read through my emails, sort through which are FB comments, or sensa reviews, or information I have requested, or maybe, just maybe, an actual email from a friend. Those are the best, aren't they? Just like in "the good ol' days" when people would look forward to a handwritten letter in their mailbox, now, it is an email from a friend we look forward to. It always feels good to know someone out there was thinking about you.

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Lynilu said...

Emails from friends are always welcome!