Monday, February 07, 2011

We moved!

What a crazy week! As I mentioned in my last post, we thought we might be moving - and we did - the very next day! Vicki and I met the owner Friday night, after a family party, rented a Budget truck the next day, shopped around for new couches (you may recall that I mentioned we were using the futon on the kids' bunk bed as a couch) and a couple area rugs, were loading the truck by 4:00pm, and got done unloading at the new house at 12:54. We did not want to be moving at 1:00am and we thrilled to have just met the goal. :)

We had to move last weekend because Vicki was going back east the next Tuesday - last Tuesday now - and won't be back for about 6 weeks.  So, I would have had to do it all alone, or hire people...which in retrospect might have been good!  Now, though, we have this crazy memory, which is fun.

Last weekend we also had to drive an hour, each way, to go pick up a puppy for Vicki to fly back to her mother. The puppy is one her brother raised - so, in addition to all the moving stuff (we still had a load of misc. stuff to move on Sunday that the kids and Casey helped with) - we had to pick up the puppy and puppy sit for a couple days. Talk about tired!

The new house is wonderful!  It is an old house, built in 1928 (maybe earlier) that has been made into a duplex.  We now have a living room, dining room (that we are going to make into an office/activity room, kitchen with eating area, 2 really good-sized bedrooms - the master bedroom even has a little reading nook, and a basement with laundry area.  It is nice having room to spread out in!  I had the kids this weekend and they loved it here. (Kaylen ended up sick after her Saturday birthday party, but that is another story. Let's just say that I was glad I did not have to go use coin-operated laundry machines in my old parking garage/basement. Poor girl. She is still not feeling very well and had to stay home today.)

The new place feels good. I still have a bit of odds and ends to remove from the old place, and boxes to unpack at the new house, but things are in a very livable condition.  I am excited for Vicki to come back so we can settle into our new home together.

Soon, I will need to go out and buy groceries, carefully avoiding the point of purchase displayswith all the activity, it has been awhile. Until then, I will get creative with things I found in the freezer!

Life is good.

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Lynilu said...

That really sounds nice. Roomy, yet cozy! And new furniture, to boot!

I'm impressed that you met your moving time frame. chuckle!