Friday, January 28, 2011

The Friday Report

I have completed my third week at my new job and am finally actually doing some useful work. So much to learn, and much of it needs to be on the job training as things occur, so when something comes up that I can do, I am all over it.

I have audited over 1000 pages of reports in the last three days.  I figure, in a way, it is sort of like doing discovery if I was a new associate - sorting through records, looking for abnormalities.  For now, it is kind of fun. Eventually, maybe tedious...but that is only part of the job. As I said - lots to learn!

So, on the BIG NEWS front, Vicki and I have decided we need to get out of our small one-bedroom apartment as soon as possible. We are tired of the noise, the transients urinating in our garage, and the lack of space. Last weekend, when the kids were with us, we happened across a really nice older home duplex while we were out walking.  We called the guy, he came right over, we all looked at it and loved it.  We have spent this week wondering if we should....the timing is a bit sooner than we were ready for...and then the rental sign went down. We figured we had lost out, and it just meant this was not the place for us. Yesterday - the for rent sign was back up. A sign for us?

Tonight we are going back to look again with a fairly serious intent to rent.  The owner really wants us in there - a government contractor and a lawyer (we look good on paper!) - but made it clear that one posting on Craigslist and he'd have 150 emails by tonight. He want a renter soon.  He is asking a fair price in a very desirable neighborhood where not a lot of openings come up. So.....stay tuned. We may be moving!


Lynilu said...

Ohh, that's exciting! Keep us informed! And good luck!!

As for my job, I'm beginning to feel some productivity oozing out, but it is tedious! So much to learn and forms to understand and tasks to comprehend, but I've begun. I have to say, though .... I'm so glad this first week is over and done!

New jobs rock! and They suck at the same time with the feelings of "I should be able to do this" hanging over it all! LOL! I'll get there, if not at my desired pace!

PT LawMom said...

Congrats on the new job!!

Caroline said...

You have so many good things going on in your life right now...I am so happy for you. Oh, and I can't wait to hear all about the new place.