Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Random Thoughts on a Tuesday

Thanks for the suggestions that I received on an off-line about where to get pictures blown up, and for the idea of keep them small and doing groupings.  I may do a bit of each.  Now the hard part - deciding which pictures to use!

I cannot say that I am really doing much in my job yet, as far as actual work goes, but I am learning a lot. It is strange to go from knowing everything there is to know about a position and how to get things done, to knowing nothing.  It does take the pressure off though - no one expects anything from me at this point!  I am excited to be learning so much about the natural gas industry. This was a great place to have landed!

I have finally learned enough about Portland to know where the restaurant is that my old law school classmates occasionally meet for get-togethers. I found it on a walk during lunch yesterday. It appears to be a nice Irish pub that would have good beer, tasty food and fine  Dutch Masters cigars.  Well, maybe not that last part, since there is no smoking in any restaurants or bars, but you get the idea. Hmmm.....now that I work about a 5-minute walk from there, I wonder when the next planned lunch will be?

I have spent the morning reading about standard procedures and finding educational information on the web. My brain is full, but my stomach is not. Now, in search of food! Have a good week everyone!

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