Saturday, January 15, 2011

So, once the Black Friday craziness and other Holiday shopping was over,  Christmas with the kids was fun, as always. They both received pretty much everything they wanted.  After that, I had a few days left of my old job and then I was off for a week to celebrate New Year's Eve and prepare to start working full time again.  No one made any preparation for me leaving my old job, which was disturbing, but not too surprising. A couple hours before I left they had me show someone a few things.  Crazy.  I have found out I will not be replaced and my job is being divided up amongst various departments and people who already have too much to do.  All I can do is let it go and know I did a good job while I was there.

New Year's Eve was a blast!

Vicki and I went to visit our good friends, Bonnie and Dave, in Seattle. (They are the ones who got married in England last year.)  We stayed at a very nice hotel in downtown Seattle, and indulged in a dinner cruise that concluded with a spectacular view of the fireworks that are set off, literally, off of the Space Needle.

The food was really good, the jazz band pleasant, and the company excellent!  This was definitely a great way to spend the night - away from the crowds, lines and drunken craziness, and in a beautiful setting with friends.  Bring on 2011!

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