Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Blowing Up Pictures?

We have a little art on our walls, but we need more!  Vicki and I decided a while back that we should blow up a few of the nature pictures I have taken over the past year and call them art.  There are a few really good ones taken on nature hikes deep in the woods - great color and depth.  The tricky part is we need to find a company to send them to that will blow them up into poster-size without charging a ridiculous amount. I have considered Walmart, but I know there are lots of options out there. Does anyone have any experience with this?   Web surfing for companies can be so confusing with all the ads about diet supplements, choline supplements, getting more energy and saving more money.

Thanks for any advice!


Casey said...

Costco. They are who I had to the beach chairs that used to be in our room. They do nice work.

Lynilu said...

I've heard Walmart does a nice job, and that was from a professional photographer. He said that unless he plans to sell it, the Walmart quality is good enough for portfolios or his own use.

Hint: spend a little bit of money and have them professionally matted and framed. It will take them from "poster" to "art." Makes all the difference in the world. A local framer who is amazing does a 14" to 17" for around $50 , and she did my Mexican folk painting on bark paper, which is about 15X22 for $70.
before framing:
after framing:

It has been well worth it, as they look wonderful.

kate said...

We have had great success using Costco. They do a very nice job, and the price is, of course, excellent!