Wednesday, January 19, 2011

January is Flying By

OK, so I have set some goals for the year.

I have started my new job, and I am excited that there is so much to learn!  I am even more excited that my supervisor is all for me learning all I can, meeting lots of people and doing "ride-alongs" so I can learn about what work out in the field looks like, after all, that is where it really all happens.

This month has gone by so quickly. How did it get to be the 19th already?  It can't possibly be that far after Christmas....there are still boxes of Christmas decorations in the living room that we have to make room in our storage area for!  I still have professional journals piled up that I wanted to go through while on Christmas break.  There are still a ton of junk emails to clean out of my account on everything from creating the life I really want to live to colon cleansers that work.  Nope, we can't be nearly done with January!

Just in case we really are, though, we are making plans for February already!

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Lynilu said...

Girl, you are going crazy with the make-up blogging, but I'm not complaining! Keep 'em comin'!