Monday, March 14, 2011

Motivating Kids to Walk

Mostly, our kids like going on neighborhood walks, or nature hikes.  This weekend, Vicki and I discovered an added incentive - pedometers!  Both kids borrowed ones of Vicki's and loved seeing how many steps they could get in - continually begging all weekend if they could go out for a walk.  Kaylen's was a regular pedometer, but Kelton's was actually a "poke-walker," which is a pedometer tied in with a Pokemon DS game that allows the walker to build up the strength of one of their game characters, then upload it back onto the game.  The pedometer actually has a little screen that shows the character being worked on. It is not exactly of the quality of samsung lcd screensbut it is cute nonetheless.  I have a feeling there is a poke-walker in Kelton's future. Someone has an April birthday... *grin*

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