Monday, March 14, 2011

One more day until Hawaii

One more day of work this week, then it is off to Hawaii!  Work is getting more and more interesting as I learn and can do more. It is not that any of it is particularly difficult, but there are lots of steps and many processes to learn.  It's not rocket science, or like I have to learn medical cauterybut sometimes learning someone else's ways of doing things, or how to run reports from a totally unfamiliar database, feels a bit that way.  I still love the place I am working and enjoy the substance of what I am learning, even aside from my actual piece of the puzzle.

So, tomorrow I am on my own at work. I potentially have an added responsibility for the day - being on-call in case of emergency - which would be a great learning experience, but truthfully, I would rather not think about the follow-up paperwork that would be needed just as I am about to go on vacation. Oh, well, all will be good either way!

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Lynilu said...

Your description of the job says it perfectly, exactly what I've been going through! It is getting easier and making more sense. I'll be glad when I can say "It is easy and makes sense."

Go away now! Fly! Have fun!! I envy you!