Thursday, March 10, 2011

Restless leg - restless arm?

More and more I have been having bouts of what might be restless leg syndrome at night. It feels like I need to move and stretch my legs - they are somewhat sore - but not really. It is an odd sensation. I have looked up some info, and sounds like it could be a calcium or other vitamin/mineral deficiency. Mostly it has gone away now that I am being more conscientious about taking vitamins, but last night, it was in my legs AND my arms. My arms felt like I had been working out on a pull up bar, but alas, I had not.  I did forget my vitamins yesterday, and have been walking quite a bit, so maybe my body's demands for vitamins/minerals has increased.  Whatever the cause, I would be happy never to get that feeling again!

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Lynilu said...

If it continues, don't ignore it. Have yourself checked out.