Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekend - Part 1

Weekends go by so quickly!  It is almost 2:30 Sunday afternoon, and it feels like it should still be Saturday.  Yesterday, Vicki generously entertained the kids while I went over to teach my Step-Dad about his new Blackberry. It did not take long to be frustrated with the salesperson who convinced him that was a good choice as a replacement for his old Palm Pilot (I think it was).  I love my Blackberry, but it does take a bit to get used to - the buttons are small, the scroll button is unique, and the menus complex. He is 85 years old - and clearly in poor health. I cannot believe anyone thought a Blackberry was a good choice. We ended up heading to T-mobile to get a more appropriate phone - all he really needs it for is making calls and storing phone numbers.  He does have quite a few numbers - friends, family, refill lines, Blue Cross North Carolina - well, maybe not that one, but quite a lot. Fortunately, we were helped by a very nice person who was happy to take the time to get him what he needed.

Part 2 - Coming up next....

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