Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekend - Part 3

Now, it is nearly 3:00 on Sunday afternoon. We have spent the morning coloring pages we found on the computer, sweeping and mopping the entire house, vacuuming, eating and playing with Legos.  Now we are watching the very first Star Wars episode - from the second trilogy - which I have never seen. The kids are still coloring and playing with Legos. None of us has gotten dressed. We are just hanging out in our pajamas. I hopped on my netbook to check out my email, sort through advertisements about business intelligence software and whatever else may have popped in there overnight. Naturally, the minute I am truly involved in anything, both kids are starving and seeking junk food, so I have to get up, help them find healthy snacks, and tell them real food needs to wait just a bit longer. I am starting to think once the movie ends, we need to eat and get out and about just to get some fresh air. It is kind of weird staying in the house all day. I am so used to getting out and about that a day inside feels almost too lazy. Need fresh air!

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