Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekend - Part 2

After helping my Step-Dad get his new phone, I met Vicki and the kids at Target, where they had finished kid meals. After a small amount of shopping, the adults were ready for a trip to a local Mexican food restaurant (where Kelton ate one of my enchiladas!) and the kids checked out some trading cards and Littlest Pet Shop items they'd picked up.

It was a nice afternoon, and the kids wanted to go for a walk to add steps to the pedometers they had borrowed from Vicki. Kelton was using one that is hooked in with Pokemon games, so as he walked, he built up character strength. We found a nice trail just driving through a neighborhood, and ventured about for an hour or so, ending at a school playground.

The evening consisted of an easy dinner for the kids, and a couple episodes of Veggie Tales. We did not have time to walk around our own neighborhood, and I thought maybe we would today, but it is already getting late, so maybe not.  Our neighborhood has a great donut shop we often go to on Sundays, which is half-price day, plus a pet supply store, a book store, and more. We recently found out there are two hydroponics shops within a mile of us. I can't say that I have ever seen a hydroponics shop anywhere before, much less two so close together. It is a fun neighborhood!

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