Monday, March 14, 2011

Leaving Technology Behind

Is it a question for anyone else how much technology to take on vacation?  I am torn between wanting to get away from the computer, the Blackberry, the electronic games, the tv and DVR - and realizing all that stuff is really handy, useful, and enjoyable. Vicki and I could both use a break from the constant input of electronic media, auto insurance reviewsemail solicitations and temptations, and the trappings of the shiny objects that are techno toys - but I still think we are taking with us DS games, Kindles, a netbook, and of course, the phones. Maybe the key is using them WHEN we want to, in our own leisure during days that are wide open to us, and not just on the fly between other daily obligations.  Frankly, most are for the flight there and back....and maybe some good beach-time reading/playing while listening to the surf.  I am looking forward to it, but with a twinge of guilt for not leaving it all behind - and opting for a clean journal, a new pen, and a paperback novel.

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