Monday, May 31, 2010

Monster Rain Boots

I love the great rain boots for kids available now. When I was a kid, we had plain rubber boots in basic colors - black, yellow, blue, red. I had ones that were blue that I really liked. Now the kids have had green froggies, in various sizes, blue monsters, and pink ones with flowers on them. Today, Kaylen was wearing one green one and one pink one. She had a similar pair on a couple days ago. I did not ask. Maybe I should have, but she was happy and playing in the backyard, so what the heck!

One of the makers of the themed rubber boots is Melissa and Doug. I think this is interesting because they make great, high quality toys, like wooden puzzles. Because you find their toys in specialty toy stores, like ones in touristy beach towns, you can often find their rubber boots, matching raincoats and umbrellas at these toy stores. It is not the first place I'd think to look when I need rain boots for the kids, but maybe it should be! I am not sure if it is because it rains so much at the beaches here in Oregon, or if it is more about walking in the wet sand and saving the good shoes. I doubt rubber boots would be good for walking in wet sand in, but can't say that I have tried it. I can see a kid getting their boot stuck in the sand, the foot slipping out, and soon it is "bye-bye bootie."

As the kids get older, their interest in these cute boots is likely to fade, but I must say, mine has returned. I want an adult-size pair of blue monster boots! If you see some on sale, let me know!

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Lynilu said...

I have little need for them where I live, but I want some, too!!