Saturday, May 29, 2010

Great food in Paris and London

While in London and Paris, I did indulge in dessert far more often than at home. Part of the vacation experience, right? Fortunately, I do not believe I will need safe weight loss pills because we generally only ate two meals per day, walked for MILES (and that was just getting through the tube), and stayed up late - always on the go! I have discovered that I like regular cheesecake, as opposed to New York Style, it is lighter and creamier, much less rich, but still very delicious. Had to have a croissant in Paris with Bonnie, and we dined at an Italian cafe on the sidewalk of Paris. (Something wrong with that sentence...) Ah, when can I go back? In the background of the Cafe shot is the Arc de Triomphe, which was completed in about 1836.

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Proto Attorney said...

Fabulous! So so so jealous!!!